Friday, May 8, 2015

Fashion Fridays: What I Wore in New York

I have almost as much fun shopping before I go to New York as I do when I get there….  ;-)  Well, it a close second!  It was a little chilly when Michelle & I left Charlotte and headed to New York.  I always get cold on the airplanes so this outfit was perfect!
The weather was pretty much perfect for our entire stay.  It was cool at night and first thing in the morning but warmed up during the day especially if we were in the sun.  I packed jeans and dresses and added jackets and kimonos to throw on when it was chilly. Everything I packed was extremely comfortable and travelled well, meaning I didn't have to iron anything before I wore it.  Always a plus! Some of the pieces below are from Anthropologie and Nordstrom.  But I also love shopping in local Charlotte boutiques.  Below I linked the pieces to places you can find them online but also said where I purchased them in Charlotte. 
Dress from Chezelle (in Charlotte)

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