Saturday, July 18, 2015

Being an Aunt!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know by now that I am an aunt.  My sister, Madeline, gave birth to her twins in June 30th.  They were early so that had to spend some time in the NICU.  When my sister first told me that she was in fact pregnant and even when she told me there were two, I was excited for her.  I didn't really think about me or what it was going to be like for me.  I have 3 children and love them more than I could ever begin to express.  I worry about them constantly. So, I was just glad that she was going to get to experience those feelings and emotions (especially since she gives me such a hard time about not being a more laid-back parent!). 
When I got to meet and hold Eloise and James and when I got to see Madeline hold them, I sobbed.  It was a unexpected emotion for me to have at that time.  I would think that it is similar to becoming a grandparent- feeling so in love with the babies and also so extremely proud of their parents and for them.  My sister created these 2 incredible little lives and I get to be a part of their lives forever.  I am so thankful for some new life in our family.  After reading a friends Facebook post, it really has made me ponder the circle of life.  My sister and I have lost both of our parents.  It sounds crazy but, James looks like our dad and Eloise like our mom (even did so on the ultrasound!).  They are our angels looking down on us and they blessed us with these 2 new little lives. Since losing both of our parents, Mine and Madeline's relationship has become even stronger.  Little fights and disagreements don't seem to matter.  I am more thankful now that we have each other and that our children have each other.   
Over the next couple of weeks I had the privilege of visiting Eloise and James in the NICU and Progressive Care Nurseries almost everyday.  Madeline and Dave let me visit them, snuggle them and feed them.  When James was released 9 days before Eloise, I got to babysit him so that they could go spend time with Eloise.  I was time that I absolutely cherished!  Jackson, Nat and Hollins are thrilled to have new cousins to "babysit".  They enjoy just staring at the twins and letting them hold their fingers.  I am looking forward to many more play dates at Aunt Josie's house! We all feel blessed beyond measure.
How sweet are these babies?!?

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