Saturday, July 2, 2016

STYLE SATURDAYS: Packing for Vacay

So I might sound spoiled when I say this BUT I have not been away from the kiddos since December.  Allen and I are need of a serious break.  We are headed out of town with some of our best friends next week for a much-needed trip.  Our friend's family has an amazing house in Virginia with a pool, hot tub and gorgeous views.  And let's be honest- that along with good food, good friends and cocktails are all you really need for a great vacation.
We are not going out AT ALL so everything I am packing is pretty casual.  Bathing suits and cover-ups during the day, shorts or easy dresses at night.  Easy. Done.

High Neck Bikini
Beach Pants

Top perfect with cut-offs!
Easy Maxi
Great bag to stuff everything in for hanging out by the pool. Magazines, sunscreen, hat, rosewater spray, chapstick etc...

Target Beach Bag
My fav organic sunscreen… smells AMAZING & delicious

Coola Organic Sunscreen
This powder sunscreen is great to help prevent break outs and keep you safe from the sun. And your face doesn't feel sticky when you have to reapply!
Bronzer Sunscreen Powder
This feeling amazing on dry, hot skin. Ahhhhh….

Facial Spray
I can not wait to be lounging on this in the middle of the pool without a care in the world! Check Instagram… there will probably be pictures!

Our evening entertainment! We have been playing this with family for years but we are introducing to our friends on this trip.

No trip would be complete with out our favorite champs! 

Peace Out!

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