Saturday, September 17, 2016

STYLE SATURDAYS: Fall Staples 2016

While shopping for myself and doing some personal shopping for some of my favorite clients, I have found some great fall staple pieces.  These are all perfect for me and my day-to-day life as a mom.  They keep feeling comfortable but getting me out of my usual, everyday yoga pants.

This perfect tee comes in a wide assortment of colors.  I now have it in white, gray and maroon.  It is a simple long sleeve t-shirt with a little asymmetry that makes it different. 

These Dolce Vita sneakers are not only comfortable but really cute on!  I have worn mine with cut-offs, rolled jeans and even little t-shirt dresses! These each come in assorted colors.  

I live in denim cut-offs in the summer and jeans in the fall.  AG is by far my favorite brand.  They fit me the best of any other.  These distressed black ones are some of my new favorites.  I got mine at Boem in Charlotte. 

I have been LIVING in my Z Supply Camo Dress from Boem. It's comfy and I always get so many compliments when I wear it.  It's a win-win!

 I love vests for fall and winter.  In Charlotte, quite often it doesn't get cold enough for a heavy jacket so a vest keeps me warm enough. I also love my arms not being constricted by a coat if I am running lots of errands and shopping for clients! They are very versatile and look great with a dress or tops and pants.


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  1. I love the vests, especially the second one, and totally agree that they are perfect for places that don't necessarily get cold enough for a heavy jacket! I love Charlotte winters. They're just cold enough that you get all four seasons but they aren't typically miserably cold! I can't wait to move back someday!

    xo Erica (