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Ready to go!
So, most of you probably haven't heard of a kindermoon before. Honeymoon-yes. Kindermoon-what? A kindermoon is a trip that you take your son or daughter on before they start Kindergarten.  It's wonderful to get that special time with your little one before they start elementary school (or big school as we call it in our house).  If you have children, you know that though the days are long, the years are short.  You blink and your child has gone from a newborn sleeping soundly in your arms to an excited, nervous kindergartner.  Our most recent trip to Disney World was for Hollins' Kindermoon.  We took the boys and went to Universal Studios (as you saw in another post) but this trip was also for Hollins.  While I was planning the trip, I asked her what she wanted to do in Disney.  Her 2 main answers were: meet Elena of Avalor and ride the new Frozen ride in Epcot. We got to do that and so much more!! The quality time that we got to spend as a family is irreplaceable.  Disney is truly a magical place when you see it through the eyes of your children.
Enjoying her princess breakfast

Of course, trips like this take some advanced planning.  Our resort was booked as soon as we decided to take Hollins on her Kindermoon.  Then, I started booking our meals six months in advance so that we were sure to get what we wanted.  FastPasses for favorite rides were important to us also.  We had seven people riding almost all of the rides so it was important to get those early too.  And all of this planning worked out because it was a wonderful and hassle-free trip.  The days were spent enjoying our time instead of worrying about where and when to eat and waiting in long lines for every single ride.

Most of our usual rules were out the window!  This was her time.  She ate pasta and sweets every day.  We rode rides, we swam, we ate with princesses, we played with bubbles and most importantly we spent time together.  As you'll see in these pictures, Hollins adored her time in Disney.  Her face was lit up all day, every day as she took in all the sights, sounds and tastes that Disney had to offer.  She was the perfect age for this trip.  Hollins could ride every ride that she wanted to.  She doesn't really nap anymore so we didn't have to build that time into our adventures.  

Here are a few of Hollins' favorite moments!
Each of her brothers had their own special time with her.  Jackson and Nat were really great about doing things that Hollins wanted to do.  From riding some of the slower rides to meeting an excessive number of princess and Disney Junior characters, they were great sports for the baby sister.  And in turn, they had a blast too!
Doc McStuffins at Hollywood & Vine
My 3 babies

        Jackson waited in line with Hollins for quite some time so that she could meet Elsa & Anna.
Nat was not excited about getting in pictures, but he did it for her. 
Bubbles are always a favorite... and in Disney they are even better!
Holding hands and having a brother and sister chat.  Melts my heart.

I think we got to meet almost every princess that Disney had to offer!  We waited in a few lines but for the most part we saw them at a princess breakfast at Akershus.
Elena of Avalor
Mary Poppins + the Penguin

 Allen's parents went with us, so they each got their own special time with Hollins.
Hollins + Her Papa
Hollins + Nana
Our whole crew
Minnie Mouse and the girls 
 She even got a hug from Chewie!
 And got to eat to her hearts content on sweet treats. 
Hello Kitty! 
Lego Ladies
Diva Moments when she gives that pose with attitude 💓
And of course in Disney, you must enjoy all of the resort pools.
 She even slept looking like a princess!
Our baby girl (cue all the tears)
Who's going to pick me up off the floor on her first day of Kindergarten?!? 
Cheers to a successful kindermoon!!

If you would like to plan a Kindermoon for your little one,
please let us know!

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