Thursday, March 23, 2017

What to Wear: Transitional Pieces & Spring Break Options

These are some great transition outfits that I have been wearing to handle all of the crazy weather we've had here. Light jackets, maxi skirts and lace have been my friends since the weather can start out around 40-50 degrees and by carpool it's in the 70's. Ahhhh, Spring in the South!

Jacket Shirt | Skirt | Necklace

Shirt | Jeans | Clutch

Putting together boards for clients are one of my favorite things to do!  Especially when they are headed somewhere fun a tropical for Spring Break.  I love to give them options and the ability to mix and match different pieces for different days and events.   

Erica's Spring Options

Dress 1: Roberta Rollar Rabbit Leetal Dress
Dress 2: RahiCali Poppy Dress (also at Boem here in Charlotte!!!)
Dress 3: Misa Gia Dress 
Dress 4: Knot Sisters Dress

Sandals 1: beek Parakeet Wrap Sandals
Sandals 2: Loeffler Randall Elsa Sandals
Sandals 3: Loeffler Randal Sarie Sandals 
Sandals 4: Joie Two Band Sandals

All stacks are from Twine & Twig!  Available at their website and some pieces available at Sloan or Doll here in Charlotte!

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