Saturday, April 8, 2017

STYLE SATURDAYS: I'm Nicer When I Like My Outfit

How often do you just stand a stare at you closet?  You're late, people are waiting for you and you have NO IDEA what you want to wear or what's going to make you feel your best.  As a personal shopper/ wardrobe stylist, I get a lot of questions about what I do for clients.  People are always scared to have me look in there closet.  I always hear "I'm too embarrassed for you to see my clothes!"  Don't be!  I'm quite certain you have more things in your closet than you even realize! My job is to help you pair those things that you already have with new pieces so that you feel as though you've purchased a whole new wardrobe when in reality you just added a couple of pieces.  
I lay out the outfits and take pictures for you so that you have something to refer to when you are getting ready.  I have a new Polaroid- type camera for smaller (more compact) pictures for you to take on vacations and trips. This will be an added benefit when you are packing for your getaways! 
Below are some pictures of outfits I have put together lately for some clients who are headed out of town.  In a nutshell- that's my job- to make getting ready it easier for you each day, whether it's a date night out, a wedding or cocktail party or just day-to-day life!
The outfits below are from actual clients.  Some have different options for shoes some are mixed and matched for more options and different ways to wear the same pieces.

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