Saturday, May 13, 2017


The past few Splurge vs. Save posts have definitely been some of my most popular posts.  I will keep on doing a couple of month- let me know what pieces you'd like to see!  It's Mother's Day Weekend and this is such a fitting post.  My mom and grandmother both loved the color pink.  As I have said before- pink is my favorite color.  It is also fitting because my mom was definitely more of a "saver" and my grandmother was more of a "splurger".  Much to Allen's frustration, I had taken after my grandmother. 😉 When I think of my grandmother, I envision her in this beautiful St. John's pink boucle suit with gold buttons. When I picture my mom, she is in her hot pink linen shirt. 💕Anyways, I think this post would please them both because all of the gorgeous pink pieces and the range in prices!  I found a lot of great girly and feminine pieces  (at EVERY price point) since blush is such a popular color right now.  Blush is the new neutral because it can be paired with most anything.  

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