Saturday, June 17, 2017

Style Saturdays: Pool & Beach Attire

It's that time of year again... Swimsuit Season.  And if you are like me, that ensues some panic inside you.  I have put on some pounds this winter and spring and certainly don't feel 100% bathing-suit ready.  I have a list of criteria when it comes to bathing suits.  So basically, if I buy one (and keep it), the heavens open and Alleluia starts to play in my head.  Allen likes me in a two-piece but I have to have more full coverage if that's the route I'm going.  I can't have my chest falling out of my suit while leaning over the kids at the pool.  Also I have some scars on my abdomen that I prefer to have covered BUT I can't stand when bottoms accentuate my hips/ love handles.  No string bikinis here!  I have returned WAY more suits they I have kept.  This is why this post is so late.  I have been trying on suit after suit after suit since early May!  Sometimes it can be so disheartening. I thought one-pieces might be the way to go but they all accentuated things that didn't need to be or they didn't work for my torso. Ugh.  I really wish Victoria's Secret was still doing bathing suits!  They were cheap, simple and it was easy to mix-and-match tops and bottoms and style styles. 

 Here are some ones that I have found will work for me.

Shoshanna is a brand that works if your chest is a little on the larger side because some of their tops  are sized by cup size.  

This looks like a "string bikini" but I promise it is not!  I love the adjustable bottoms and they pretty much cover my scars completely.
There's nothing quite like a good black bathing suit.  The LBD of suits. This one is great because it's full coverage but it has really pretty crocheted details. 
For me, cover-ups are WAY more fun to buy!

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